If you are required or need to cover cables, phone lines, cords or hoses, Elasco Guards has the right product for you.  Safety is always of
concern!  When planning your next event, concert, carnival or fair, use Elasco
Guards to protect your equipment  and keep your
employees and customers safe from tripping over cables, cords and hoses.
If your business is in stadiums, arenas, hotels, or retail, then you are familiar with high pedestrian traffic and the dangers that exist with
temporary extension cords, hoses, and lines that run across regular walkways.  Maybe you have a construction project planned and you
are required to run high voltage electrical wires, heavy-duty air hoses or gang wires across a roadway or street.  Constructing a
temporary wooden ramp may not last your project length, will need to be replaced and will most likely not be used again.
Elasco Guards are re-useable over and over.  Elasco Guards are manufactured using the highest quality urethane that will resist high
impacts, and are abrasion resistant.  Elasco Guards are non conductive to electricity and provide a safe method of covering and
protecting against danger and safety issues.  Elasco Guards are an affordable investment today that will eliminate unnecessary
downtime due to cut cords caused by vehicle traffic or a costly lawsuit from an injured pedestrian for a safety hazard that should have
been avoided.
Heavy Industry
Entertainment Industry - Heavy electrical cable and
telecommunications cables at temporary sites for filming, sporting
events, concerts and gala affairs.
Utility Companies - Maintenance at job sites, power plants, and water
treatment facilities all over the world need to ensure that the services to
millions of consumers stay on.
Government Agencies - Must always practice prudent
SAFETY when building or providing maintenance services.
Protecting heavy hydraulic or electrical cable becomes
secondary to being sued by J.Q. Public.
Easy to Configure
Certain situations will require your Cagleguards to go where your cables go.  
For this reason, Elasco Guards come in left and right 90º angles, that have
interlocking capabilities allowing for multi-length configurations to suit your
everyday needs.
Light Industry
Retail Distributors - Supply houses for temporary cable covers at offices,
malls etc.  For electrical, audio, or visual needs where there is pedestrian
Shopping Malls - that need maintenance require cable protection for
pedestrians or mall walkers and the liability from the same.
Offices with computer cables, telephone cables and light electrical cables
all over the office.
End Caps and Adaptors
Single Channel Dropovers    Heavy Duty 1000 Series    Heavy Duty 2000 Series
Heavy Duty 3000 Series    Heavy Duty 5000 Series
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